moving with
the wisdom of our bodies

Your life experience, relational experiences, emotional range, ancestory, position in intersectional systems of oppression, daily habits, thought patterns and world views affect how you feel in your body.

Embodied movement is the way back home to your deepest inner knowing.

In a world that invites us to move past the signals of our body, movement can be a site of creative healing.

Humans have been dancing longer than they have been languaging. 

Movement is a birthright.

Your body knows. It’s yearning for you even as you yearn back. And the secret is those yearnings are one and the same. 

Your body is not a machine, your body is poetry. 

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Hi! I'm Megan. I'm delighted that you are here. 

At the foundations of my work is this question and research - how might we hold space for the wisdom of our bodies?

I draw on over a decade of experience in somatic research and movement education to propose structures, practices, and approaches that allow you to connect more deeply with yourself.

I am practiced at this research. But you are the expert in your own body, and I am certain there is so much wisdom to be found there. I'm here to partner with you as you connect to yourself through movement and creativity. 

If you feel called to this work, I would love to walk with you as you research your own journey.

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1:1 coaching for those who want to feel their instincts, trust emergence, and boldly express themselves.


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1:1 movement training for humans with feelings . An intentional workout that cultivates connection and aliveness.

transformative pilates

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four weeks of movement practices for attuning to seasonal shifts and building aligned habits.

seasonal virtual movement series

My offerings

For wanting to take care of your body.

For choosing to trust your instincts.

For committing to feeling instead of numbing.

Thank you for believing that taking care of life starts in the mysteries that live in you and your experience.

Thank you for wanting to be fully alive in the body you are in. 

Thank you for choosing you.

Living and dying in a body is wretched and beautiful. I turn to movement practices for expression, healing, connection and wonder. Moving with other bodies is how I reach for and feel into aliveness. 

I am biased towards the interconnection of individual and collective liberation. I pay attention to the way we bring our lived and inherited experiences into the room. I aspire to interrupt systems of domination and extraction.
I’m learning in public. I credit much of my knowing to lessons learned in devotion to friendship and community. I aim to position my professional self as practiced and practicing, co-learner and co-researcher.

All are welcome. A portion of my proceeds are redistributed to community healing work in west philly where I live. 

my mission

It’s a pleasure to connect with you!

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