Because movement is life affirming. And we don’t need to do it alone. 

How do you make time to check in with yourself? How do you mark time to help you make sense of your experience over time?

What if embodiment and movement practices are not about consistency but about meeting the uniqueness of each season and moment? 

What if rigor and commitment came not from pushing ourselves but from meeting ourselves, over and over again? 

 At the turn of each season, I open a four-week virtual group to do just that - build a container of practice that surrenders to the magic of the moment as it’s held in the tone of the season* 

We connect with ourselves and each other, deepen body awareness, and build heat and strength with a developing movement sequence.

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*currently aligning to the northern hemisphere seasonal cycle 

about this offering

Different seasons of our lives and our years ask for different kinds of embodiment and attention. 

For wanting to take care of your body.

For choosing to trust your instincts.

For committing to feeling instead of numbing.

Thank you for believing that taking care of life starts in the mysteries that live in you and your experience.

Thank you for wanting to be fully alive in the body you are in. 

Thank you for wanting to tend to your body and your selfhood in tender and magical ways. Thank you for letting someone else hold the container so that you can surrender.

Thank you for choosing you.

 So much of our days are spent organizing our focus, aligning ourselves to the task at hand.

This offering is an invitation to spill your focus outwards, to follow instinct without having to worry about impact or what’s needed. A chance to learn about the parts of yourself you don’t always get to be with. Not by leaving daily life, but by integrating embodied reflection and exploration.

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