Pilates is a vehicle to that vision.

I envision a world in which connection to our bodies can be remembered and prioritized as affirming, spiritual, deepening of awareness, and holding of complexity. 

Humans have been dancing longer than they have been languaging.

Movement is a birthright not of punishment but of connection.

Your body is not a machine, your body is poetry.

Today, when creative and values driven folks look for connection to their bodies we often encounter punishing fitness or invitations to practice controlling ourselves.

 *an important note on scope: private sessions are a fantastic choice for those rehabilitating from injuries and surgeries, bone and spinal conditions including osteoporosis, and/or managing chronic pain. Pilates is not a substitute for medical care. It is important you are cleared by a doctor and physical therapist before endeavoring this integrated movement practice. 

Pilates is an exercise modality. It is low impact, often weight bearing, and well suited for training postural support and integration. I teach Pilates sessions in-person using spring-based equipment and over zoom through supported mat work. 

One of my favorite things about the lineage of this form is its emphasis on mindfulness. By focusing on what we move while we move it, we have a chance to inhabit our movement, increase our capacity for nuanced sensation, and feel more empowered moving through our daily lives.

The system is designed to offer increasing levels of novelty, complexity, and demand. Clients often report feeling improved postural strength, increased range of motion, more alert balance, and the ability to do the things they love without worrying about injury. 

About Pilates

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Dancing and healing throughout my healing process has taught me the vital impact of expressive, supportive patterns, which can be shored up, amplified and encouraged. 

Pilates taught me that painful movement and emotional patterns do not have to be stuck forever.
They can be revealed, moved with, and transformed. 

I found Pilates after a traumatic neck injury resulted in debilitating chronic pain. It offered me, and my body back to myself. 

I have spent years intentionally moving with my own trauma and stuck patterns. Over the last decade, I have been teaching Pilates while simultaneously studying trauma, ritual, archetype, and creativity. I became enthralled with the ways I could see emotion and meaning-making impacting my Pilates clients' movement experiences. I wanted to pay attention to that. This is what led me to develop “Transformative Pilates.”

My Story

my approach

I listen carefully to my clients' experiences and craft sessions that are meaning-full. 

This is not about looking to fix or perfect or punish your body. This is about connecting with yourself, transforming stuck patterns, and building strength in supportive movement and postural patterns. 

I approach this work from a therapeutic perspective, offering movement that is meaningful. I invite my clients to notice how they feel, and to track their progress through the lens of both physical skill as well as emotional and sensate experience. 

I have knowledge about how bodies move. And, it’s not just that knowledge that makes me a good teacher. It’s my ability to be with the human in front of me, to trust my own instinct to make space for yours, and to leverage my technical knowledge to inform the work of being human together. 

-functional anatomy education 
-personal check ins and somatic/postural awareness skill building 
-Intentional and generous guidance through pilates exercises
-sequences tailored to your specific needs and desires 
-challenging exercises to work at your growing edge 

Sessions include: 

-movement not as punishment but as connection 
--health at every size principles (link)
-there’s no such thing as a perfect body or correct posture 
-anatomy and biomechanics are helpful tools for empowerment and agency 
-mindfulness is a skill 
-mindfulness and noticing how we feel are important tools for empowerment, agency, and safety 

My Values:

-BFA in dance from Temple University 
-MA in Transformative Leadership with an emphasis in somatics and creativity from the California Institute of Integral Studies 
-Pilates Teacher Training Certificate from Drexel Pilates/Jennifer Morley 
-Franklin Method Educator certified 2018 
-Certified Facilitator in Training Apprentice, Woman Within International 2018
-Anatomy Trains/Myofascial Trains Continuing Ed Hours, 2015
-Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Wake Up Yoga, 2017
-Certificate of Completion, Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, Space Energy Motion, 2015

relevant credentials: 

Sessions are 55 minutes

Sliding Scale / Choose Your Own Rate*
$75 - $100

Financial Exchange

Sessions are available in person on the equipment or in mat work via zoom. I am partnered with Everbody Movement and Wellness in West Philly. I also have a limited number of spots open in old city on on Monday afternoons. 


The details

*sliding scale pricing allows me to sustain my business and livelihood while accommodating differentials in economic positions. I invite you to chose an amount that feels both respectful and do-able to you. To learn more about these models or your relationship to them click here

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"Megan's expertise in both Pilates and the Franklin method combined with her ability to emotionally support the movers in her care always creates a positive experience where I leave feeling stronger and ready to advance my physical abilities."

“Megan is more knowledgeable about the human body than some medical professionals I have encountered.”

“Its a different kind of experience than other workouts, because you're not focused on a direct outcome or weight loss. It’s more about the importance of movement overall, how life affirming movement is, and understanding how I feel about the workout.”

“Megan helped me center self care and body maintenance. Our work together helped me reframe strength, weakness, and tiredness. It is not a quick fix, it’s a conversation with the body to understand what it needs.”

kind words from clients