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My name is Megan Quinn, I live and work in west philly, helping folks cultivate strength, presence, and connection in their bodies. I do this through private pilates training sessions, somatic education workshops, and art filled experiences.

it's all research.

i am constantly amazed at what the body can teach us.

In 2022 I went in to business for myself.

I offer workshops that invite shared exploration in how movement affects our every day life. I work with private pilates clients, deepening those questions while builidng strength and resilience. And I support artistic process through private creative process support sessions and project management.

I adore my work. I get to apply metaphors of our body's function to our emotional life and value aspirations. I have the absolute pleasure and privilege of supporting bodies as they seek solace, strength, agency, connection, multiplicity, and journey through life. 

embodying our lives.


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