Movement Connections WITH Megan Quinn

At the foundations of my work is this question and research - how might we hold space for the wisdom of our bodies?

I draw on over a decade of experience in somatic research and movement education to propose structures and practices and approaches.

I am practiced at this research. But you are the expert in your own body, and I am certain there is so much wisdom to be found there. I'm here to partner with you as you connect to yourself through movement and creativity. 

If you feel called to this work, I would love to walk with you as you research your own journey.

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For wanting to take care of your body.

For choosing to trust your instincts.

For committing to feeling instead of numbing.

Thank you for believing that taking care of life starts in the mysteries that live in you and your experience.

Thank you for wanting to be fully alive in the body you are in. 

Thank you for choosing you.

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