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Life is a creative process. And we don't need to do it alone.

Creative Process
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Our instincts often know what to do. We each have a unique individual way of expressing ourselves and our work in the world. And just as often, something else in our psyche gets in the way. 

This offering is designed to leverage my experience and perspective in order to support your process of self expression by asking the right questions, reflecting back creative impulses, and offering containers to listen to your inner voice. 
Processes ideal for this offer include artists in development, solopreneurs just starting out, new habits being formed, searching for passion, and wanting a fresh approach to a particular situation. 

This is about not doing it alone. It’s about someone else tracking your desires and vision with you - and reflecting back when you’ve got it. 

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sliding scale $75 - $115


55 minutes

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Virtual on zoom
studio space in west philly 
Your home/office/studio space!


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