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September 2023: Healing and Creativity: Small Thoughts on a Big Topic

My creative process this year has been focused on my business and offerings. I’m building structures and distilling language. When I look at the big picture, it feels like a spiral. At the center of the spiral is this question, why?

Why do I teach movement? Why do others pay to learn movement? Why am I choosing a particular structure? Why am I emailing and posting and talking about my offerings? Sometimes the question doesn’t have a clear answer but keeping it close to home helps to guide my instincts. 

Then I arrive to teach classes. When I watch bodies breathe and move with intention, slowing down or speeding up, when we explore embodied experiences together, I often watch something on the outside of the spiral that signals healing, and something on another leg of the spiral that signals creativity. Those moments feel like a wordless answer to the why questions.

Sometimes it feels like a healing process makes way for more creative flow.

Sometimes it seems that approaching pain or confusion or stuckness with a creative approach allows for deeper healing.

Sometimes it feels like both are spiraling together.

In this way, my Pilates and somatic teachings don’t feel so separate from my creative process support teachings. They are different entry points of the same spiral.

At the foundation of my work is healing and creative expression.

Right now this work is Pilates based movement practices, somatics workshops, and creative process mentorship. And I will continue to ask why and wait for an answer to show itself.