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My creative process this year has been focused on my business and offerings. I’m building structures and distilling language. When I look at the big picture, it feels like a spiral. At the center of the spiral is this question, why? Why do I teach movement? Why do others pay to learn movement? Why am […]

September 2023: Healing and Creativity: Small Thoughts on a Big Topic

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If I asked you to pause and pay attention to your body, and notice how you feel, for a full moment, how would it go?  Would you be able to focus on your body? Would you be able to notice your current state without trying to change it? How much nuance can you locate in […]

August 2023 : Interoception

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I drew the image below on a sticky note as an impromptu teaching tool for a client working through asymmetries. This is how I think about symmetry. We’re not symmetrical, but we are organized around a midline.  Midlines, the beginnings of spinal cords, are one of the earliest structures to develop, evolutionarily and embryologically.  If […]

Thoughts on symmetry

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When you think about posture, what comes up? What were you told about how to have ‘good’ posture? I hear a lot of folks talking about the pain they get from a day or week’s worth of ‘bad posture’ during their daily activities. Many of us believe that sitting more upright and pulling our shoulders […]

July 2023 : Posture

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Our spines are amazing. They absorb and propel, spiral and pivot, soften and lengthen. They protect the preciousness of the spinal cord. They move every time we breath. The spinal column is made up of stacked vertebrae and the muscles and ligaments that support them. This boney structure supports posture and structural integrity. Deep within […]

June 2023: Spine

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 “Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.” It’s a powerful phrase. The trapezius muscle, the big muscle on top of our shoulder girdle, is innervated directly by the limbic system, what we call our lizard brain. This means the muscle group is responding directly to our experiences of stress, danger, and sociality. No […]

May 2023: Shoulders

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Inhale. Inspiration. The breath is a constant dance of reciprocity. We bring air into our bodies, transform oxygen into carbon dioxide, and send it back out. There are other parts of our bodies that are in this constant dance of reciprocity – digestion. feet. hands. even skin. The plants and other creatures do the same […]

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April 2023: Inhale

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Walking, running, jumping, kicking, balancing… for many of us, our feet are foundation and activation of movement. The feet also have mirrors up through the body – the sit bones, the shoulders, the bottom of the skull. There is a kind of bipedal pendulum throughout the human structure. Feet are able to step onto, stand […]

footprints on spiraled carpet

March 2023: Feet

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What part of your body do you consider your hips?  What happens when you bring your attention there? Is there sensation and impulse? Is it comfortable or unfamiliar to pay attention here? How does this part of your body want to move?  The hip joint is where our legs meet our pelvis. It is a […]

February 2023: Hips

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What do you consider your core? What do you consider your center? What assumptions do you make about how a core should be, how a center should be? I don’t tend to train abdominals for strength on their own. My bias is in cultivating supple availability.  Beneath the abdominals, behind the organs, on the front […]

January 2023: Deep Core