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November 2022: Low Back

How much attention to you give to this area? To the back of your core, to the lumbar curve, to the position and movement of your pelvis? What would a day in the life of you look like, from the point of view of your lower back?

The low back area is a powerful location for transmission of information. Every reach, step, jump, and pull affects our low back space. There are muscles here that move and support us. And, in partnership with those muscles, we find a thick sheet of fascial tissue. This fascial tissue is structured a bit like a trampoline. It is constantly absorbing forces coming in and translating them elsewhere, moving actions through our center and back out again.

Low back pain has been found to be associated with stress and mental health states. Everything we do, all of our movement habits from the way we sit and for how long, to the dance moves that we engage in, deposits meaning and information here.

How do we keep this area supple, able to absorb and launch like a trampoline? We move. We keep it trained and agile and ready. How does being trained and agile in our body relate to being agile and capable in our mental/emotional/spiritual lives?