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October 2022: Breath

Breathing, in some form, comes up in almost every session and workshop I teach. Breath, and breathing affects every thing we do, it enlivens our embodiments.

All lifeforms breath. We take in molecules, create life through transformative processes, and send molecules out. Plant life takes in and sends out the opposite molecules of humans – but the process is still; in, transformation, out.

Our breath is in constant movement, expansion and contraction. Every single breath, every single moment, our bodies are practicing transformation. Expand and contract. Inspiration and release.

Autumn is the seasonal cycle’s exhale – the moment when fullness begins to contract, when full networks of life creation begin to release, pulling energy back towards center – I like to think of the branches inside our lungs like the branches of trees.

Place your hands on your chest, or on the sides of your ribs. Tune in, sense in. What is happening below there?