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February 2023: Hips

What part of your body do you consider your hips? 

What happens when you bring your attention there? Is there sensation and impulse? Is it comfortable or unfamiliar to pay attention here? How does this part of your body want to move? 

The hip joint is where our legs meet our pelvis. It is a ball and socket joint, which means it can move in expressive circumducting ways with a lot of stability. As in all parts of our structure, and in big ways here, there is a lot of variability between individuals. The depth and angles of our hips is unique to us. 

Evolved to walk and to sit and to circle, I think of this area as the sight of a lot of expression and autonomy. I also think of it as a place where things land and sentiment. Where forces and experiences get stuck and wrapped up inside of us. 

What within you wants to move? How do you want to express yourself?