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Movement Connections

March 2023: Feet

Walking, running, jumping, kicking, balancing… for many of us, our feet are foundation and activation of movement. The feet also have mirrors up through the body – the sit bones, the shoulders, the bottom of the skull. There is a kind of bipedal pendulum throughout the human structure.

Feet are able to step onto, stand on, push and jump off various types of surfaces – grassy fields, river beds, mountain boulders. Human feet are designed to move seamlessly between two very different modes – absorb mode, and propel mode. They often don’t get trained to their full potential on concrete sidewalks and flat floors.

Waking up sensation and access to movement in our feet can open up a whole new world of information, balance, and aliveness.

When in your life does it feel important to practice absorption? Learning, taking in, softening, processing?

When in your life does it feel important to practice propulsion? Leverage, activation, going for it?

Try a little bipedal pendulation: on your feet, on your sit bones, in your shoulders or with your head. Shift your weight back, into your heels and back body. Notice what this feels like.

Rock your weight forward, towards toes or front body. See how it feels.

Take the journey backwards and forwards again. Allow it turn into a rock, almost like a rocking horse. Let the rocking slow and settle, gravity giving you a sense of a natural center.

Take a little walk and consider how your feet can teach you to seamlessly move between modes, to be both adaptable and responsive.