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April 2023: Inhale

Inhale. Inspiration. The breath is a constant dance of reciprocity. We bring air into our bodies, transform oxygen into carbon dioxide, and send it back out. There are other parts of our bodies that are in this constant dance of reciprocity – digestion. feet. hands. even skin.

The plants and other creatures do the same in dynamic tensegrities of opposition, and collectively there is constant flow, transformation, exchange, nourishment, life in action.

As we inhale, the rib cage expands and the diaphragm muscle drops down to make space. This is the active phase of this muscle. Exhale is release. We bring air in, fill up, get bigger, expand out to our edges.

In the spring, the ecosystem starts to move towards its edges in this way, too. The temperature starts to rise and the air literally rises from the ground journeying upwards.

Take a deep, deep breath. Notice how it feels.

What does it feel like to move fully out into your edges?